Telling your brands story through scroll stopping content that gets proven results

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We know how it feels to hold your breath when someone asks "how's your business going?"

We're here to make sure that the next time someone asks that question, you can smile and have confidence in your answer.

Because you have us.

Who are we? 

We are two sisters based in Manchester, UK and are the best of friends! We grew up dreaming of running a business together and pinch ourselves everyday that this is now our reality.

Why choose us? 

Growing up everyone knew we would end up doing something like this, we've tried blogging, vlogging and anything else you can think of! Learning from first hand experience what works and what doesn't. We have been lucky enough to work with a wide range of businesses from all around the world and helped them to reach up to millions of new accounts.

Our family, friends, past and current clients all say the same thing. 

"You're the best at what you do"

And if we work with you, we're sure you'll say the same thing.

We are here to get you results you've been dreaming of whilst making your social media pages look so good that not hitting the 'follow' button will feel like a sin.

Vicky and Lauren x



"SSM have literally blown my expectations a way, the plans they have sent me are fantastic! 
Love that they'll jump into the content themselves and blend their own life into their clients content, that's very rare! Their captions are also next level WOW! 
Vicky has the story telling skills of an author, she seamlessly included the service we provide too, they're amazing!"



"SSM only just started with us this month but straight away they captured our brand and has produced some gorgeous reels for us that have massively increased engagement on Instagram and brought us new followers!

They tailor the package to suit your needs so whatever you need help with, give them a shout."



"I highly recommend SSM, our leads from social media have increased consistently since they became involved in our business.
Their tone of voice is perfect and I really appreciate their subtle considerations, they've made a big difference."



"SSM have been working on our social media for the last 10 weeks and I would definitely recommend them.
Their knowledge and skill are second to none. Combine that with their friendly, helpful attitude and you’ve got a winning combination!!


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